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(Due to High Demand–> Before Making your payment please Contact & Complete the Form below to see if JayTheBody or any of his Trainers have a time slot open, once we agree on a time slot please make a payment Promptly)

–> To secure your slot with a personal trainer at Secret Formula Fitness, First you must make your Consultation Payment of $15.50 for a 1on1 Consultation or $21.50 ($10.75 per person) for a 2on1 tag team consultation. This is a Limited time offer, So take advantage and Get Started today. Payments are Non-Refundable, meaning if you cancel, you will have to make another appointment and payment due to the High Demand of JayTheBody and his Personal Trainer’s Services. Every Slot is Valuable. Please be on time and prepared for your Consultation.

(ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT EMAIL us  at CONFIRMING YOUR PAYMENT, DATE & TIME…. THIS IS THE FIRST STEP OF OUR FITNESS JOURNEY…. I hope to see you see soon (Results Are The Only Option!! #TeamSecretFormulaFitness, 

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