(Down 51LBS in 14 Weeks)

My favorite quote which i made up is “RESULTS IS THE ONLY OPTION” and guess was RESULTS IS THE ONLY OPTION …..51LBS Down in 14 weeks thats 3 Months and a Half , YES, I SAID IT, 51LBS DOWN in 3 1/2 Months AND COUNTING….Stay Tuned this is Just The Beginning of Our Journey, We are 10lbs away from our first milestone …..shout out to my client Mariah for following the nutritional guidance, and Fitness Roadmap to Success which i provided !!!!

“Results Are The Only Option !!! ”

(Down 60 LBS)

Lets give a shoutout and congratulate my client Mariah …..This was a very important day in our lives and journey to success….. Mariah hit our first milestone which is DOWN 60lbs YES I SAID IT DOWN 60lbs….. I always preach to my clients and tell them “WE ARE A TEAM AND THE ONLY WAY FOR US TO REACH OUR GOALS IS TO WORK TOGETHER AND NOT GIVE UP, THERE WILL BE SOME BAD DAYS AND EVEN WEEKS BUT I PROMISE IF YOU FOLLOW MY FITNESS ROAD MAP TO SUCCESS….RESULTS IS THE ONLY OPTION !!!!! I would like to thank everyone one for believing in us on our journey and i want you guys to continue to follow us and root us on to the finish line of success‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

“Results Are The Only Option !!! “

(Down 80LBS IN 8 Months)

(YES, Those Are The Same Jeans, Just a Different Day)

I once read a Quote that Stated ” YOUR NOT A FAILURE UNTIL YOU STOP TRYING” and guess what my client @2cute_muffin did not stop trying or make any EXCUSES and this is why she is (DOWN 80LBs), Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, i said it (DOWN 80LBs) and not only is she (DOWN 80LBs) but her MAX ON THE BENCH PRESS IS 220LBS …. Mariah is the type of person that is a go getter, when she sets her mind on something, she is not stopping until she gets it, which is why she is doing so great and guess what this is only our Second Milestone….. We have more goals to reach so all i can say to EVERYONE is thanks for all your Support on our Journey and Stay Tuned ‼‼‼


“Results Are The Only Option !!! “

Not only is Mariah a hard working person when it comes to fitness but Mariah is also a great hardworking mother 24/7

Results Are The Only Option!!!!

Not only is today the 4th of July but today is me and Mariah’s one year fitness journey anniversary meaning we have been grinding, sweating, pushing, working and most of all fighting for greatness and success for 1 year exactly It has been an honor to have you Mariah as a client and we will continue to grind and nothing and no one can stop us #TeamJayTheBody Everyone enjoy your 4th of July –>RESULTS ARE THE ONLY OPTION