🔔33Lb Alert, 🔔33Lb Alert, 🔔33Lb Alert

—>Ladies and Gents you guys all already know my slogan➡️ (RESULTS ARE THE ONLY OPTION)…. Here at SecretFormulaFitness We live for Results & the only thing we know is that, Results are the only option….. Lets All Congratulate my client Ernest aka @TheLastElite , this guy came in and said he wanted to lose 30Lbs before his vacation but most importantly make a life style change. He also said he will do what ever it takes to reach his goals. So of course i, JayTheBody accepted the challenge and we smashed his goals and he lost 33LBs. He came to every session prepared and ready to dominate and execute and this was the final product…

Congrats, Ernest you truly are @TheLastElite and have made it to the SecretFormulaFitness Hall of fame, which is my website , anyone that is on their journey or has lost weight knows its not easy to lose 33Lbs …

➡️Ladies and Gents Thank you all for Following and Supporting My Client Ernest’s Fitness Journey To Success!!!

Results Are The Only Option!!!!!