(Down 27 LBS)

Every time i post i will say the same thing “I JayTheBody, am not a Personal Trainer, I JayTheBody, am a Fitness Expert … The reason i am a Fitness Expert is because i already definitely put in way over 10,000 hours into Exercising and Health and Fitness plus i have a (Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science From Rutgers University) plus I have one of the top Personal Training Certifications you can possibly Earn. When your an Expert at Something you can apply your SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE to someone else and get great positive RESULTS over and over with more then one person. My company is not about Me its about my CLIENTS Striving for greatness and success SO TeamJayTheBody & Fitness Friends and Family Lets Shoutout and CONGRATULATE my client Camika/Star a young hard working dedicated individual who does not let excuses or negative people get in the way of her Fitness Goals…. When i met Star she told me her goals were to Tone her Total Body and Cut Down her Body Fat Percentage and Build Upper Body Strength and thats exactly what we did‼‼ So far Star is down 27Lbs and Counting and this is just the beginning our our journey‼‼ This is exactly what the outcome will be when you follow my (JayTheBody) Fitness Roadmap To Success…..GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY and Results are the only option and I literally mean it‼‼